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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Organize Yourself And Tap Into The Enormous Opportunity That Is Available Today

How To Make Money Online
How To Make Money Online(2015)

I have been asked a lot of times what the best and fastest ways are to make money
Online so I have decided to put this short lesson together.

Firstly I would like to share my two important laws of online business.
  • The amount of money you'll earn online will be directly proportional to how well you can sell stuff.
  • The amount of stuff you can sell will be in direct proportion to how much traffic you can get and your ability to convert that traffic into buyers.

Now let's begin,

The 7 steps to make money online quick and have the unfair advantage.
  1. Pick a Niche/Territory
  2. Identify a Product/Service
  3. Write A Lead Magnet
  4. Landing Page
  5. Get Traffic
  6. Scale Big!

I am going to explain each step carefully here we go!

(A).Pick A Niche/Territory

Before I continue let’s first define the term Niche in relation to online marketing is an area of the market specializing in one type of product or service.
The ultimate goal is to promote your own product or service.As a starter it is always better to promote other people’s product on ebay,amazon or clickbank there a ton of these kind of websites to choose from.

Examples of Niches are

  1. Weight loss
  2. E-business & Emarketing
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Travel
  5. Games
  6. Sports and More!

How to choose a Niche

Goto>>google keyword planner tool>>search for new keywords using a phrase,website or category>>enter Niche e.g {weight loss }to get ideas.

(B). How to choose a Product
  • Must be in huge demand
  • Must be competitive
  • Good Commission
  • Must be something you believe in and standby

After identifying a niche,choose a product or a service in the niche.There are lots of Affiliate and CPA networks to choose a product from.
e.g go to click bank and Join>>Marketplace>>Categories>>Niche>>Display results>>go to sort results>>Pick option gravity.The higher the gravity score,the better the product to promote as affiliate.
After picking a product,click on promote and you will get your custom link.You can also get custom links from amazon and eBay. You.You can promote as many as 3-4 links at the same time by putting all links in a Rota tor.

Links Rota tor
An easy alternative to this monotonous style of updating marketing links.  With rota tor digital marketers have access to many tools some of which can overshadow the importance of having editing capabilities of their marketing links.  With rota tor when creating tracking links a digital marketer is replacing the destination URL with a tracking link. The tracking link is a short link or a dedicated domain tracking link that is used in place of the destination URL. When a visitor clicks the tracking link, rota-tor records the data and the visitor is immediately redirected to the destination URL.

With the Rotator dashboard users have the ability to change the destination URL from the dashboard without having to reconcile all the different links across multiple channels and platforms.  The processes of changing or editing a destination URL is now as simple as making one change within the dashboard and having each link no matter its location update as well.
Note:A lot of marketers send traffic to the product that they just picked. NEVER DO THAT! you will lose money this way.
(C).Lead Magnet
A lead magnet is a free service or product that you offer to the public in return for their email Opt-in.It may be as simple as a video tutorial or a webinar.There most be a scent between your lead magnet and the email that signers recieve when they opt-in.
How to write a lead magnet
learned about your visitors most pressing questions, deepest fears and biggest frustrations, and think of how you could most help them with those issues. You want to come up with something simple. Your lead magnet shouldn’t take them a long time to read. They want answers fast. They don’t want to work too hard. It’s your job to do the hard work for them. That’s why we recommend writing a checklist instead of a report for your lead magnet. Too often, marketers spend weeks writing a huge free report to get opt-ins with… when a simple checklist would have gotten a higher opt-in rate. Solve their problem, and your audience will love you.
Shorter is better. Your lead magnet should be no more than 5 pages long. 2 pages or less is ideal. It should be in PDF format, and  include your logo,landing page,your website and a link to your website in the PDF. This magnet you’ve made might get passed around. It could “go viral.” Design it so it’s easy for someone to find out more about you. Make it pretty. People are visual. A logo is the very least you can do. A few nice illustrative photographs would help. A graphic that illustrates an idea or a system is even better.
• The Fly Fisherman’s Ultimate Gear List
• The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Own House
• The 12 Biggest Forex Lies
• 10 Rules of Dating – And When to Break Them
• The Definitive Guide to Losing Your Shirt With Internet Marketing
(D).Landing page/Squeeze page
All good landing pages follow a certain structure. These aren’t laws of the universe, but it’s what typically works the best. No point in reinventing the wheel.
Good landing/squeeze page must include,
  • A benefit oriented headline
  • Relevant and short copy
  • The focus is on getting visitors to take one specific action.
  • There are no distracting navigational links.
  • There is a prominent subscription form.
(E).Auto responder Emails
There are two main types of auto res ponders.
  • Time- based autoresponders
  • Action- based autoresponders

This time base autoresponder lets you set up an automated messages to be delivered to each subscriber on a specific day after they subscribe.
Action based
Action-based autoresponders are presented as a list messages and contain the same option as the time table view.
Traffic is a huge part of online marketing if not the most important aspect. It is very important to take this seriously.
The functionality of your Money funnel will largely depend on the quality of traffic you send to it.
A money funnel is a kind of business system that you create online that can generate you a stable income.It is very easy to setup.There are 4 basic things you need to have to be able to do this.
  1. Landing page/Squeeze page
  2. Traffic
  3. Autoresponder
  4. Call to action/Offers/Sales.
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Important Things To Know About CPA Offers

Things to Know About CPA Offers:

Things to Know About CPA Offers
By Nathan O. Gold
CPA stands for "Cost Per Action." CPA is, in-fact, really simple: you get paid every time someone clicks your given affiliate link and/or completes a required action.
This "action" can be anything, but usually consists of either buying something, surveys, signing up for free trails or just visiting a webpage
You might think to your self Why choose CPA? Well personally I prefer it over banner ads, AdSense or other affiliate marketing strategies.
Simply put, CPA gets you Higher payout on the Value Chain, which means it pays more than most marketing strategies and secondly, because of the integrated advertising, you can smoothly integrate Cost Per Action offers into your site. This means you run a clean, brand and professional site.
Where you might know the clean basics of CPA you might not know the truth behind it for the advertisers.
So how could CPA advertising potentially benefit advertisers?
Generally, CPA, involves lesser risk than most advertising methods. Since the only time you really pay is when you actually get a lead or a sale, you are protecting yourself from potential eyeballs that won't convert, as well as click fraud. Those possibilities can be heavy on your wallet.
At the same time, you're making sure that the only time you pay is when you have revenue coming in, or when the prospect for funds coming in is considerably large.
How could CPA affect advertiser's campaign efficiency?
You can actually lose your money from a particular cost per action campaign if you have an extremely low leads to sales ratio. This maybe because you perhaps could be paying publishers considerably more for leads compared to your sales revenue.
This strategy might be worth it if indeed you have a plan for converting more leads to sales in the long run or if you think that the advertising exposure actually may outweigh any current loss in revenue.
If you are losing cash, you might be able to negotiate lower costs per action fees from the publishers hosting your ads. or you can move over to a different campaign based on your real sales. Whatever your choice, know that your success at generating profits can impact your ability to find a good publisher who is willing to run your ad on a CPA basis.
So why might some networks not want to run your ad on a CPA basis?
If you don't have a strong and steady track record for the specified type of action, most publishers might determine that they are better off hosting ads that have more potential for bringing them extra revenue.
For example take Google's cost per action advertising program, Google places your ad,on its affiliate websites and chooses when to show it. But in order to qualify for the program, advertisers must prove that they actually have the skills and knowledge to manage a site that attracts a desirable number of audience, has enough revenue generation, and makes enough money. The exact criteria may differ however.
Various networks may also decline you because of your record or champagne taste on a beer budget. They may question you about various things like online revenues, monthly marketing budgets, and cost per action offers in their online advertising applications.
However, all hope is not lost as there are some individual companies that are quite more lenient and have lower criteria.
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